See the New Creepy, Porny 'AHS: Coven' Poster

Seems about right. If there's one thing Ryan Murphy shows have in common, it's that subtlety is often applied with a sledge-hammer. His horror anthology series American Horror Story on FX lacks finesse and the newest poster for the upcoming American Horror Story: Coven is no different. The poster will probably enlist an involuntary "...oh" from your mouth, whether your eyes are wide with shock or your lips smirked readying to end the sentence with the prerequisite "of course."

Why? Well, the poster features a snake (perhaps old Eve's friend Snakey from a certain biblical garden?). And it's a white snake, if that means anything to anyone, in three women's mouths. The snake seems to be playing the role of proxy-penis in what I think we can definitely pin down as an attempt to remind the audience of a certain oral sex act. You can see the poster in question below.

So the new season will involve ... a Garden of Eden allegory? With blow jobs and/or orgies? Or just more generally creepy imagery?

The poster actually tells us virtually nothing about the upcoming season (or maybe it tells us everything), but it does serve as a handy reminder that you're in for another ride of over-the-top Ryan Murphy-style DRAHMA. This time with witches!

The show premieres Oct. 9 on FX.