'HIMYM' Final Season: Will it Be Worth the Wait?

Heading into the final season of CBS' How I Met Your Mother, there are a lot of questions in the air: Will Barney and Robin actually get hitched? Will the mother be everything we've waited eight seasons for? Will Ted be a complete dick and try to break up the wedding? Although it's obvious we'll have to wait for the actual season to start getting answers, these questions and more are asked in the latest trailer for the show's final season.

The promo features glamour footage of the cast walking around with shiny golden umbrellas — obviously meant to invoke that all-important yellow umbrella Ted and The Mother have unknowingly shared custody of for years — interspersed with footage from the actual upcoming season.

The entire season focuses on one weekend — specifically Robin and Barney's wedding weekend — with every cast-member seemingly running all over the place like chickens with their heads cut off trying to make sure their lives don't blow up in complete disaster. But they're the zany type, so it's not so much depressing as it is amusing to watch. Oh, and somewhere in between Marshall exclaiming a plan to ruin everything and Lily tackling Ted to the ground, Ted's got to meet the love of his life.

The show's ninth season — also slated to be its last — has a lot of eyes trained its way, mostly wondering if they can pull off the long-term continuity game of wait-and-see it's been playing since ... well, since they named the show How I Met Your Mother. The biggest question on everybody's mind going into the final season has to be the big one: Will it all have been worth it?

Basically, it's the sitcom version of Lost. If they don't pull it off it could taint even the show's truly great past seasons for future viewers.

It's a lot of pressure, but the team behind promoting the show seems to be doing so with the same insistence on fun that it's had in seasons past, so at the very least that's ... encouraging?

But let's face it: There's one thing in this trailer we're most excited about: The final slap. It's been a long-time coming.