Why Her Latest Selfie Is So Important

Though I'll never claim to possess a single supermodel physique gene in my entire body, I would imagine that a model's relationship with food is quite complicated. Luckily, Cara Delevingne's fast food-obsessed Instagram picture proves that not all models have an unhealthy, love/hate relationship with their sustenance.

Ever the endearing iconoclast, Delevingne posted a selfie in which she holds a weighty McDonalds fast food bag aloft in front of a truck which reads "Eat More Chips," one hand playfully encouraging viewers to rock on. The model's black-and-navy ensemble paired with dark sunglasses merely enforces the snap's fashion factor.

It has been said before, but Delevingne's attitude towards food, fashion, and indeed life is a refreshing divergence from the norm. Gisele may be fighting off criticisms of her dubious "Multitasking" Instagram shot until she retires, but who could rightly call a band of assistants conducting a makeover a difficult day's work? Delevingne seems to possess a down-to-earth quirkiness which makes her relatable and less removed from our peasant-y world than her co-workers. And most significantly, photographing herself enjoying real food (however trans-fat-laden it may be) instead of enjoying a green juice for "dinner" presents a more positive image for younger generations. Rock on, Cara Delevingne.

Image: caradelevingne/Instagram