Lady Gaga Helps a Fan Propose Plus 7 Other Celebrities Who Helped Fans Pop the Question

The "Anything Goes" singer loves her monsters enough to buy them pizza and offer to help them pay for surgery, so hearing that Lady Gaga helped a fan propose during one of her shows is just another awesome gesture from a celebrity who has no problem returning the love to their supporters.

But Gaga isn't the only one who's down to lending a helping hand during fan marriage proposals.

Here are 7 other celebs who helped their fans pop the big question.

One Direction

When One Direction responded to a fan’s Twitter request to help with a marriage proposal, they were kind enough to arrange a moment during one of their concerts so the fan could pop the question to his girlfriend. They even displayed the precious moment on the big screen. Luckily, the beautiful gesture met the approval of the 1D fans.

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Mariah Carey

Mimi’s earned a reputation as a diva, but she didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with a couple whose engagement took place during a Mariah Carey concert at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas.

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Justin Timberlake

The “Suit & Tie” singer made sure a fan who attended his “20/20 Experience” show walked away with stars in her eyes when Timberlake helped a man named Josh propose to his girlfriend during the concert.

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Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen shed his role of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings to become a temporary Lord of the Marriage Proposal when he recorded a sweet video proposal for a film director who asked for his boyfriend’s hand in marriage.

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Sara Bareilles

Bareilles helped not one, but two, couples propose. The sweetest part of the deal is that the singer featured both of the couples’ engagements in her music video for “I Choose You.”

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Zach Braff

The actor managed to scrub himself clean of the douche label after Braff serenaded a fan’s girlfriend as a part of a special marriage proposal.

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While the lyrics to “Single Ladies” are probably responsible for a slew of marriage proposals, Beyoncé personally lent a helping hand by allowing a fan to propose to his girlfriend during one of her concerts. When Bey handed the microphone to him, his first words were “Beyoncé, you told me if I like it, I need to put a ring on it.”

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