Would You Ever Confuse This With Gourmet Cuisine?

In yet another exploration of the powers of the placebo effect and the human propensity to lie, two Dutch pranksters tricked a bunch of foodies into singing the culinary praises of McDonald's during a food expo in The Netherlands— and yes, there's video, and yes, it's hilarious.

The premise of the joke is pretty simple. "Today we'll be visiting the annual food convention in Houten to serve our top of the notch recipes from our high end restaurant to some food experts," the tricksters tell us. "The only problem is, we don't actually own a restaurant, so we'll be paying a visit to McDonald's. We'll pick up some snacks there and present them to the food experts at the convention." Haha, we think to ourselves, good luck pulling that off pal.

And then we watch as our affable hosts, Cedrique and Sacha of Lifehunters, proceed to chop and quarter a medley of unsavory looking fruits and McDonald's classics. "This tomato's been here for at least a year," quips Cedrique. Which, of course, is entirely plausible.

The two jokesters then proceed to serve their lukewarm McDonald's tastings to foodies and critics under the guise that they're made with wholly organic ingredients, and what ensues is a hilarious example of people's inclination to feign knowledge rather than look like a tool.

"It's a bit softer," says one food enthusiast. "But also...also a little more moist." Oh?

"It's starting to...I feel some warmth releasing in my mouth," says another. "There are a lot of different tastes!" Ah yes, the many flavors of a season-less chicken patty. Say no more.

How resplendent, how sumptuous this Originals chicken patty! cries the fool. But oh, not us. We would never. (Watch below. If your aren't fluent in Dutch, simply turn on the subtitles.)