Parody Video Shuts Down Pumpkin Spice Mania

Can we please be done with pumpkin spice lattes, now? I mean, completely finished? I want to be done loving them and I want to be done with the backlash. "#PSL", a new video just dropped by New Orleans-based sketch comedy lady duo Rude., has perfectly signaled what needs to be the end of the obsession with talking about these much-discussed seasonal beverages. No hate or disrespect meant, ladies, but now that now that the words "pumpkin spice latte" and "pussy" have been dropped in the same verse, I feel like we're all better off just peace-ing out and walking away.

Not that I would ever tell someone not to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, or anything else for that matter. I personally never got the hype. I'm usually quick to jump on board trends like this one. I was alllll about it when "cupcake pops" were having food trend moment. That said, I'm also pretty quick to get with the hate, too. I was right there with the rest of the sneering crowd, ready to slay with eye-rolls when the culinary elite decided that the day for couture cupcakes pops had passed. Nothing about a pumpkin spice latte appeals to me. They smell like moths and fennel. Plus, if you want to eat or drink something that tastes like a pumpkin, this is not the drink for you as it does not contain any actual pumpkin. ::KanyeShrug::

Image: Rude./YouTube