You've Never Seen Hannibal Lecter Like This Before

Don't think that horror movies and high fashion go hand-in-hand? Think again. World class genius and artist David Murray's drawings of horror villains dressed in designer fashion are so stylish that they're practically terrifying. Picture a world in which Frankenstein and Freddy Krueger take a page from Patrick Bateman's style book. Pennywise looks ten times less intimidating in McDonald's-inspired Moschino, but that doesn't mean he won't still kill you.

Murrary's brilliant series, aptly titled "Fall '14," gives us Frankenstein in a forest green Juun.J trench coat, Hannnibal Lecter in a striped Walter Van Beirendonck suit, and more. The styling is eerily perfect, with Jason Voorhees in a Hood by Air jersey that elegantly compliments his chilling hockey mask and Leatherface sporting a Rick Owens jacket that could be leather or could be human skin. Who can ever tell these days? It is almost Halloween, after all.

Somehow, all these evil monsters look way more approachable in bizarre outfits, which probably makes them all the more dangerous. I mean, you shouldn't want to chill with Hannibal Lecter, but when he's wearing such a stellar outfit, you can sort of picture going out to dinner with the guy (But, like, for the love of God, please don't).

Check out some of Murray's scarily awesome illustrations below, and head over to his site to see the rest.

Images: David Murray