Dorothy App Lets You Control Your iPhone With Your Shoes — Just Click Your Heels 3 Times And You're In An Uber (Kinda)

I am completely obsessed with The Wizard of Oz — it is one of my all-time favorite movies. So when I saw a headline claiming a new app will turn you into Dorothy, I had a tiny (or maybe not so tiny) fan-girl freakout. Turns out the "Dorothy App" exists, but erase the ruby slippers and glittering wand from your brain — it isn't that glamorous.

A creative agency, iStrategyLabs, has developed a system that lets you control your iPhone from your shoes. Yes, you heard me right. You just slip a "ruby" (I really hope they add some red sparkles to it), which is a Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller, into your shoe, click your heels, and it will trigger a call from your phone. Thumbs are the next thing to become obsolete.

So far, the system is able to call a cab, order a pizza, send your exact location to friends, or generate a fake phone call to get you out of bad dates just by clicking your heels together three times. Though I have a feeling if I stood there clicking my heels together three times, the date would end on its own — no phone call necessary.

They are currently working on developing a smaller, more inconspicuous system for those who don't want to walk around with a ruby chip attached to their shoes. (Which I have a feeling is all of us.)

It's only a matter of time before we see the "insert-designer-here x dorothy" collaborations, so the chip can be built right into the shoe. Maybe Christian Louboutin can get on board?

Images: Getty Images (1); Giphy; Hautemimi/Twitter