Jack Nicholson's Big "News"

Twitter is abuzz with a new report claiming legendary actor, and king of the Lakers' court side, Jack Nicholson is retiring, officially, from acting. Don't worry, Lakers fans, his enthusiastic Staples Center presence isn't on the chopping block just yet.

The funny thing is, Nicholson hasn't done a movie since 2010's How Do You Know, in which he played a watered down parody of his Oscar-winning role from As Good As It Gets. So even if RadarOnline's report is true, what's the BFD? He was a great actor, but he's practically retired already.

Why don't we take this occasion to focus on news and information that's far more interesting or surprising:

1. Twitter is excited about this.

People on Twitter are very excitable. The fact that this report flew to the top of Trending Topics so quickly is about as surprising as Nicholson ogling a Lakers girl at halftime.

2. The fact that North West has a baby dress code.

Her father's a "designer" and her mother was hounded for 8 months for her ever-changing, totally natural, glowing pregnant figure. Do you think these two control freaks are going to take a chance on letting their baby become the next Suri Cruise, parading around in baby high heels? Hell no.

3. Jon Stewart came back to The Daily Show.

This just in: reports are also stating that Stewart's return was hilarious. Duh. And yet, it's still more surprising than Nicholson retiring.

4. What Grumpy Cat will have to say about this.

5. Corgis.

What did we do to deserve this? Will it bring us more corgis?

6. Practically anything else.

Are we really this tired of talking about Syria?

[Images via Tumbler & MemeGenerator]