These Nostalgic Pics of Pink From The Early '00s Will Remind You Why She's One Cool Chameleon

LONDON - NOVEMBER 4: Singer Pink (L) with contortionist Delia Du Sol attend the aftershow party for the launch of Pink's new album 'Try This' at the Sanderson Hotel on November 4, 2003 in London, England. (Photo by Getty Images)
Source: Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry may get all the attention for their wild looks, but in my mind, pop star Pink owns them all with her own personal style, and she was doing it right way before Gaga or Perry hit our cultural sphere. Pink has been pumping out hits since her 2001 album Misaundaztood (dumb, dumb spelling) and has looked fierce doing it ever since. These photos of Pink in her early days as a pop star will remind you just how cool Pink always was. 

Exhibit A

When she rocked a cool piece-y black hair ‘do. 

Exhibit B

When she was one of the Lady Marmalade girls at the 2001 VMAs. 

Exhibit C

When she donned a wig in honor of her namesake. 

Exhibit D

When she posed with fellow cool-ass pop star Gwen Stefani. 

Exhibit E

When she wore this AWESOME green dress. 

Exhibit F

When she looked like the coolest girl in your high school. 

Exhibit G

When she proved she could sing circles around other divas. 

Exhibit H

When she wore this bizarre eye makeup and somehow it worked. 

Exhibit I

When she wasn’t above the skinny scarf game. 

Exhibit J

When she looked cooler than any of us ever could in a leather jacket. 

Exhibit K

When she committed to the pastel trend long before every celebrity jumped onboard in 2014. 

Exhibit L

When this hat framed her eyes very nicely. 

Exhibit M

When she made crop tops look SO badass. 

Exhibit N

When she didn’t want to be a “Stupid Girl.” 

Exhibit O

When she threw a whole bunch of stage to someone on her left. 

Exhibit P

When she wore this cool dress. 

Exhibit Q

When she made leather boots look anything but basic. 

Exhibit R

When she was 150 percent cooler than you in the early '00s because obviously you could never cut your shirt so perfectly imperfectly.