When Will James Holmes Stand Trial? 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Case Gets Delayed Again

It's been over two years since James Holmes opened fire on a Colorado theater during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, but he still has yet to see his day in court. Though jury selection was meant to begin Dec. 8, Holmes' trial has been delayed until Jan. 20.

According to a court ruling from Judge Carlos A. Samour, the date was pushed because the defense needed more time collecting its case. Attorneys for the shooter, who killed 12 people in July 2012 inside Aurora, Colorado's Century movie theater, claim they need additional time to evaluate Holmes' sanity exams. Holmes defense will attempt to prove that the shooter, previously a bright Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado, had a psychotic breakdown prior to the shooting and is not guilty by reason of insanity.

Not that we should necessarily expect that Jan. 20 date to stick — this is the second time in one week that the defense has asked for a delay after receiving Holmes' sanity exams, conducted by William Reid, a forensic psychiatrist. So what's responsible? Based on reports, a delay on the exam itself was the main culprit, but it seems Holmes' attorneys might have also found information in the document that they do not like.

[I]t has become abundantly clear that counsel will require additional time before they are prepared to proceed to trial in this case ... It is now clear based on Dr. Reid's report that there will be extensive litigation.

According to the Denver Post, the court papers also references "new issues" with Reid's exam of Holmes.

Last week, prosecutors approved the trial date delay after fielding objections from victims' families.