Meet the 'Prison Wives Club' Cast, 4 Women Whose Relationships Have Something Major in Common

Though the titles sound alike, The First Wives Club and Lifetime's Prison Wives Club don't have a lot in common. Prison Wives Club follows Kate, LaQuisha, Jhemini, and Ana, all women who are married to men serving 10 or more years in prison. They show how challenging it is to be separated from your husband with limited visitation rights, but that it can be just as challenging to explain to your friends and family that you're marrying (or have already married) a man who will be in prison for the next decade of your lives.

Meet the women who have chosen to stand by the men in their lives amidst difficult circumstances and will share their lives with viewers beginning on Tuesday night.

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If this were First Wives Club, Kate would be Diane Keaton’s character, the embattled veteran with the know-how to get through being a prison wife. Her husband was sentenced to 10 years in jail while they were still dating, but they knew they wanted to be married, so they wed before he went to prison to get a better deal on conjugal visits. And when that isn’t enough, they have an agreement that Kate can have “girl time” with some of her friends, who just so happen to be the few who stuck by her when her husband went to jail.

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LaQuisha also knows the tricks of the prison wife trade, but unlike Kate, she’s never even been able to consummate her marriage, only getting a 30-minute ceremony while her husband was already incarcerated. She does keep busy though, mentoring other prison wives, and raising her daughter from a previous relationship as a single mother.

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Jhemini is something of a prison Stepford wife, trying to balance leading her own life with having a husband who’s a convicted felon. Making that even more difficult is the fact that she still hasn’t told her conservative family that she’s married or that her husband is in prison. Jhemini also has a job and goes to school, and makes sure those opportunities are afforded to her husband while he’s away, as well.

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You’ve heard the modern love story: boy meets girl on dating website, boy falls in love with girl, girl falls in love with boy, they live happily ever after. Well, Ana met her boy online while he was in prison, and secretly wed him, believing that their happily ever after would be spent apart, as he was serving a lifetime sentence. Now, with parole presented as a new possibility, Ana is figuring out how to tell her family that her boyfriend — who they think is a prison guard — is actually her husband, and an inmate getting ready to be released.

Image: Lifetime