Bethany Mota Gets Blonde Highlights for Fall

If you were hesitant about ditching your summery blonde highlights in favor of fall's darker, brunette sister, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because one YouTube extraordinaire/teenage entrepreneur/DWTS contestant has single-handedly proved that going lighter is no longer reserved for the warmer, sunnier months. According to Instagram, Bethany Mota added playful blonde highlights to her signature brunette locks. And as expected, the result is an absolutely adorable autumn look.

It's unclear what prompted the hair makeover. Perhaps she had a sudden urge to be more bold, thanks to her dramatic costumes on DWTS? Or she simply just got bored and tired of her old look? Whatever the reason, I am a huge supporter of it. It's subtle enough that it isn't jarring, but still enough of a change to give her hair an entirely new feel. It looks like an effortless, grown out ombre that highlights her gorgeous face.

And not that it matters, but Mota's fans are totally on board, too. She's received over a million likes combined for the two Instagram photos she shared revealing her new fall look. User @alli_tramp said, "Can i be you?" while user @l0la.p3vs commented, "You're so adorable." Then again, Mota could dye her hair sewage-green and her die-hard following would love it. The girl can do no wrong!