A Backstage Beauty Tip at Veronica Beard From Essie's Lead Manicurist Casey Herman: Use Ridge Filler

Oh Veronica Beard, we can always count on you to be practical, beautiful, and to perform double duty, whether you're showing off a blazer with a zip-away dickie, or in this case, a nail product with multiple uses.

The Veronicas, above (yes there are two) are stylish mothers and designers, so it's no wonder everything in their collections has to pull its own weight, and it's not just limited to their clothes. Essie's lead manicurist Casey Herman, who was charged with beautifying the nails (mani and pedi, thank you,) of the models had this tip to share at their New York Fashion Week presentation on Wednesday:

"We're layering with the ridge filler. We're putting the ridge filler down first, one coat of Ladylike, and then we actually put ridge filler back on top. It takes the pink out and makes it a little more of a beige or nude color."

Herman's talking about the pedicures using Essie's Ridge Filling Base Coat, but this actually works wonders anywhere.

Herman continued, "Surprisingly, ridge filler is good if you want to neutralize a color a little bit. Then just put a top coat on."

And she means any color, so if ever you have a shade you want to tone down a bit, grab some Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat and get layering! This revelation on top of the fact that it does, in fact, fill ridges in your nails.