A Sad Update on Amanda Bynes

This situation just keeps on getting worse. According to a new report on TMZ, doctors treating Amanda Bynes have extended her psychiatric hold once again — this time for another month — stating that the actress is "very ill," and would not be able to properly care for herself if released. This update comes after rumors previously reported that Bynes' involuntary hold could be extended for up to a year under an LPS hold if her condition is determined to be serious enough.

Bynes was involuntarily placed under psychiatric hold earlier this month after exhibiting majorly troubling behavior in New York City — including various incidents of attempted shoplifting — and tweeting some troubling statements about family members. According to the gossip site, it's not clear whether or not Bynes' parents will be seeking a conservatorship over their daughter again, but it's beginning to seem unlikely because Bynes feels "betrayed" over the fact that her parents involuntarily placed her under psychiatric hold. From TMZ:

Initially we were told they would seek another conservatorship, but our sources say they've had a change of heart. Amanda feels betrayed by them for having her committed, so controlling her would be a herculean effort.The likely scenario is that the psychiatric hold will be extended for a long time.

Honestly, if this is the case, I think extended psychiatric hold may be the best option for Bynes. She's clearly troubled, and extended care in the hands of doctors trained to treat patients like this could help her more than anything else. Above all, as long as Bynes is getting help, that's the most important thing.