Jenny Williams' 'What My Daughter Wore' Gets A Book Deal, Gives Us More Awesome Pre-Teen Style To Get Inspiration From

Some moms take snapshots of their kids before they head off to their first day of school. Others — or, in this case, Jenny Williams — actually draw photos of their children to capture the memories. The blogger and illustrator has sketched photos of her daughter, sons, and their 12-year-old friends for her new book, What My Daughter Wore.

So, what’s with the all these illustrations? Williams says she hopes to capture the moments when young women don’t necessarily care about trends and want to evolve their own style. Yup, the years when you weren’t afraid to dye your hair green or wear a fanny pack. And, as hard as it may be to believe, Williams actually became inspired by her daughter’s style.

"As a grown woman with three children and a full plate of responsibilities, I often find myself dressing for the day with the only criteria being that the clothes are clean," she said in an interview with POPSUGAR. "However, I've noticed that some of their practices have influenced my own for the better."

Yeah, middle school is really awkward, but, as Williams said it’s the perfect time to experiment with your style. Not only are 12-year-olds less aware of runway trends, it’s also a time for them to develop their own personal identity (oh — and it probably doesn’t hurt that their parents are most likely buying their clothes.)

Here’s a peek at her Instagram:

I wonder how her daughter feels about the whole thing. Does she willingly pose for the photos, or, like with most middle schoolers indulging their parents, does it take a little bribing? How long does the process take? Either way, it’s like that first-day-of-school photo: Even though you may not be into the whole thing while it’s happening, you’ll be glad to find it 10 years later.

Images: @what_my_daughter_wore/Instagram (3)