Miley Cyrus Had a Tattoo Party And Everyone Got Inked In Honor Of... Her?

With Miley, it's all about shock value, no? So having a tattoo artist in residence at a party... not really all that big of a deal, in Miley-world (especially as she's always getting new ink). It's kind of cool, in a way — tattoos can get quite expensive, and if someone else happens to be footing the bill... hey, why not? Add that to the fact that your friends are there as moral support, and you've actually got a pretty sweet set up. Recently, Miley and some of her friends got matching tattoos together, which is kind of cute (hey, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn have BFF tattoos).

But here's the kicker: quite a few guests got commemorative Miley tattoos. And whether we're working with the Miley Cyrus shock-value quotient or no, that's definitely fodder for the gossip mill. I mean, talk about side-eye worthy: Who would want a Miley Cyrus-based tattoo for all of eternity? Granted, it's actually quite small and subtle, and the design ain't half bad... but still! Tattoos are forever, guys! And it wasn't just one particularly devoted friend, either — half the party seemed to be sporting tiny "MC" tattoos by the end of the night.

Aack, so many drooly-faced MCs!

Images: Getty Images; mileycyrus/Instagram