You Must Follow This Instagram Account Right Now

Instagram is a wonderfully versatile social media platform that offers no shortage of visual content, no matter what you're into. Like cats in sweaters? Loads of them. Distant relatives' babies? You basically can't escape them. Every latte ever consumed by someone you know? You would literally have to delete the app to miss them. And amid all the ephemera of daily life, Instagram is also home to approximately 2.4 bajillion (Real Numbers: I know them) photographers who use the photo-sharing app as a platform to showcase their work – and sometimes a conduit for sharing Instagram-specific new work. Among these people, if you're only going to follow one, let me be Thomas Prior. He is your best bet for an unfailing stream of gorgeous images in your Instagram feed.

I feel like I want to say a whole bunch of words to effusively express the abundant adoration I have for Thomas Prior's work, but that seems silly because I am 100% certain that not a single one of you is even reading at this point. You've already breezed right past, down to the photos because that's why you're here. You aren't reading this at all. I could say anything. I shot a man in Reno. I made out with your boyfriend last night. See? Nothing.

Images: Thomas Prior/Instagram