Happy Bonfire Night! Here are 9 English Recipes to Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day Right

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I know what you’re thinking. Bonfire Night is about a man who tried to blow up Parliament. We remember his execution. We burn his effigy. Is this really a time to be eating? Look at it this way: Across the Atlantic, people will be lighting giant bonfires in the name of Guy Fawkes — which means one last chance to roast anything and everything outdoors before winter. Heck yes, it’s a time to be eating.

Think of a bonfire like your stovetop. Except, you know, ten feet tall and deadly. It would be perfect for truly epic s’mores, but on a night like this, you’re going to need some heartier fare — and we have just the menu. In true English spirit, there are sausages to roast, soups to heat, and of course, something boozy to wash it all down. Ready? Grab a match and get a fire going. No matter what side of the pond you’re on, this is one feast you can’t pass up. Here’s to you, Guy.

Image: Verses From My Kitchen

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