21 Awesome Pop Culture-Inspired Jack-O-Lanterns, From Beyonce to Tina Belcher

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It's 2014, y'all and having a genius Halloween costume simply isn't enough. If you want to be the spookiest, kookiest haunted house on the block, you've got to have a cleverly carved jack-o-lantern. Gone are the days of triangle eyes and square teeth. Now you can feast your eyes on a bevy of seasonal gourds chiseled into pop culture perfection.

Here's a collection of 21 to die for Halloween creations. Sure, they will soon wither and rot as all pumpkin works of art do (sorry to be so grim), but thanks to the almighty power of the Internet, their orange glory glows on. From Yeezus to Tina Belcher, these jack-o-lanterns are the stuff that Quizzo geeks dreams (or NIGHTMARES) are made of. Happy Halloween, you ghouls!

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