'Utopia' Canceled by FOX

The reality TV show about a group of individuals sent to build an idyllic utopian society, Utopia , was canceled by FOX. Fox will pull the Friday night show from their schedule starting this week, after ratings for the reality show were significantly under the network's hopes. While originally pitched as a reality experiment that would last an entire year, the series, in its first season, will be pulled after less than two months.

The premiss of Utopia stranded a group of strangers in an uninhabited, remote California location with the hopes they would be able to build a perfect society from the ground up.

But the show's cancelation comes after an effort to keep the series alive by moving it from its original Tuesday night slot to Friday, where a lower rating is expected and tolerated. However after a dismal final episode, pulling in only 1.6 million viewers, the network has decided to axe the "experiment" for good.

Utopia is not alone in its demise. ABC axed Manhattan Love Story starring Analeigh Tipton, NBC haulted production on Bad Judge and killed A to Z after just over a dozen episodes.

So long and farewell, fallen freshman series.

Images: FOX; giphy