Honor's Delightful Finale Featured Barefoot Models Skipping Down the Runway

Phew! Day two (officially day one) of Fashion Week, down and what feels like a million more to go. Making things much brighter for show-goers was womenswear label Honor, whose designer Giovanna Randall sent cheerful models down the runway skipping arm-in-arm for the finale. What a breath of fresh air after literally countless lineups of humorless models walking sullenly/sexily/confidently (all fine in context)!

What gal can't relate to tossing off a pair of painful heels to dance the night away — assuming you are on safe ground. No bare feet on NYC streets, please. Let's just all agree.

With feet freed, the models couldn't help but smile. Their energy allowed a whole new appreciation for the collection, as if this is how we'd see it worn in real life, i.e. live people with personalities whose shoes sometimes hurt but who laugh anyway.

I'm all for a runway show. Sitting close enough to see the details of collection pieces is irreplaceable. It's like shopping online vs. in-store. You have to try it on to see how it's going to fit, you have to feel the fabric for quality, you have to see the stitching.

After the Honor show, I'm all for seeing the beautiful clothes up front, in person, and on live, living, freeee models.

Look at that air!

Image: @johnjannuzzi on Instagram