Lulu Frost Used Almost All of Pantone's Top Colors for Spring 2014, and I Like It

Points for inclusiveness.

At her jewelry presentation on Wednesday, Lulu Frost's designer Lisa Salzar managed to pack in basically every color Pantone highlighted for Spring 2014 into her spring collection. Translation: If you are looking for one on-trend piece to spice up your spring wardrobe, one of Lulu Frost's hand-painted baubles might be all you need.

Dazzling blue? I see it, nestled in there above the Paloma colored crystals. Paloma is number eight in Pantone's book. Celosia orange? Yup, there's a ceramic flower with celosia all over it. Freesia? It's hidden, but it's there.

Even more top Pantone colors like green Hemlock (another part of that celosia flower), and Placid Blue (those circular stones) make an appearance.

Whether helping to make a statement with a frame-making neckline, or layered over a plain white tee to spice things up, Lulu Frost's jewels fit right in. With throwbacks to vintage eras and antique jewels, Lulu Frost is still modern, especially when you consider the use of color.

The most current colors, actually.