Taylor Swift Is Officially Her Most Awkward Here

Taylor Swift is many wonderful things: talented singer, songwriter, independent young woman, owner of cute cats. But one thing missing from the Taylor Swift repertoire is the ability to dance with any grace whatsoever. Which is where I present to you Exhibit A: Taylor Swift awkwardly dancing to Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea's "Black Widow" on air with Ryan Seacrest. While there might be a moment where Tay might do some cringe worthy, culturally appropriated "rap" dance moves, we're mostly spared that indignity. After a little "Single Ladies" hand wave at the start, Swifty's moves devolve into actions that match with the lyrics including frustrated "hate me" hands, perfectly timed clapping and "crazy" fingers at just the right moment. It's definitely more suburban mom on the dance floor at a wedding reception after two champagnes than anything else.

It's super hard not to love Taylor Swift when she's being such an awful dork, and I certainly hope that it's not a put-on, and that she's genuinely this awkward of a dancer. If her awkward dance history is anything to go by, then it's pretty safe to say that Tay Tay is just as coordinated as us normals. It's proof that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, so for every Beyoncé there's a Taylor Swift. And Taylor, even as the biggest pop star in the world right now, still fan girls out when Iggy Azalea Tweets at her, which is pretty damn endearing too. Watch Taylor bust out below.

Image: Getty Images