This New Website Is Making Waves for LGBT Youth

If you haven't heard of GetYrRights, a new LGBTQ website that went live on October 31st and provides queer youth with a common platform and resources to end policing and criminalization of LGBTQ youth, it's time to check it out. In 2012, two organizations based in New Orleans and New York City (Breakout! and Streetwise and Safe) partnered up to create GetYrRights and provide queer youth with strategies to help them deal with encounters with law enforcement. The organization is partnered with various networks all over the United States like Black and Pink in the northeast, The D.C. Trans Coalition in the southeast, EL/LA in the west, and the Gender Justice League in the northwest, all of which will contribute to the materials, media, resources, strategies, conferences, gatherings, and social media campaigns organized by and including GetYrRights.

The folks over at the website are currently working on a customized Curriculum and Toolkit that will synthesize information related to queer legality issues and rights. For the time being, the website has a great resources tab which includes educational materials and links for issues like pregnancy, substance use, LGBT history, the prison system, immigration, frisks, and court proceedings. Make sure to check out the website for more information and explore the resources in your area and some of these videos that describe queer youth movements going on in different parts of the country.