Carrie Wipes Out on Stage, Has Best Attitude Ever

Carrie Underwood: constantly making the rest of us look bad, by being a total badass ALL THE TIME. The singer had an unfortunate heels-shirt mixup on stage while performing in front of an enormous crowd at a Texas concert on Thursday, but when Carrie Underwood fell on her butt, not only did she get up within seconds, she barely missed a note in the song

We've all been there: you're strutting around in too-high heels, wearing a too-long shirt, and all of a sudden, you find yourself making sudden, painful contact with the ground. Maybe you whine about your bruises or maybe you just laugh it off, but most likely, it takes you a little while to catch your breath, stand up, and continue doing whatever you were doing before the fall. That is, unless you're Carrie Underwood.

In a video of the incident, you can see Underwood get one of her stiletto-heeled boots caught in her shirt while stomping for emphasis during her hit "Undo It" and fall as a result. Even as she struggles to get up, though, she hardly misses a note, continuing on like wiping out in front of a crowd of thousands is no big deal. Because for Underwood, who spends her days singing #1 songs, battling chipmunks, and governing seven unruly children for NBC's live Sound of Music performance set to air Dec. 5, it really isn't.

The always-game singer had a predictably great reaction to the fall:

Unfortunately, it looks like the wipe-out actually had some serious repercussions. After this uh-oh tweet:

Underwood went to the hospital post-show, and received a boot for her foot:

Ouch. Underwood probably won't be doing her trademark stage-stomping for awhile. It looks like she learned her lesson, though:

Check out the video below: