Watch Nick Offerman & John Oliver Take On Robots

The world seems to have swayed more toward the style of YA dystopian blockbusters than it has towards The Jetsons, but bits of that old vision of the future peek through. Most recently, that's manifested in Lowes' new greeting robots. John Oliver tackled this in Sunday's Last Week Tonight , using Parks and Recreation 's Nick Offerman to help illustrate the ways in which humans are very much still needed in the conflict-ridden zone of home improvement stores.

As Oliver notes in the video below, home improvement shows are a place notoriously rife with tension. Couples may go there with the best of intention of fixing up their lives, but like many best-intentioned bonding activities, things can very easily devolve into the kind of disturbingly deep bickering that stays with you long after you leave the store.

As Offerman's ensuing Home Depot commercial sketch illustrates, sometimes what you really need is an impartial party to stand in between you and your loved one before you dismantle your relationship with the sheer force of your side-eyeing prowess and some viciously chosen words. Robots can do a lot, I'm sure, but maybe let's take a pause before laying off all those poor home improvement store helpers.

Image: HBO