'The Daily Show' Was Awesomely Obvious

On Tuesday night's midterm coverage, Jon Stewart invited Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus to the show to celebrate, or more accurately, answer tough questions about gridlock on The Daily Show's 2014 Midterm Elections special.

"Is this the greatest night of your life?" Stewart asked Priebus, allowing for a brief moment of celebration of the almost sure GOP majority in Congress following Tuesday's election before the tough questions started coming in.

And that's where my favorite line of the night occurred: Stewart asked Priebus about the effectiveness of Republican campaigns centered around the ideas that "Obama is Stalin, ebola is going to kill your grandparents."

Though obviously not taking the Ebola bait, Priebus was game to discuss the ways in which Obama has left Americans in states like Colorado highly dissatisfied, leading Stewart to quip "you only talk in swing states."

But then, of course, Stewart asked the key question — the big Congress gridlock one:

Is it going to be hard to do things?

It was a powerful moment, and one that really rang true with the audience. It's a good question: how much a can this election really accomplish? Priebus basically answered by saying that as long as Obama signs what the Republicans want him to sign, there won't be a gridlock problem. As long as he agrees that this country needs the Keystone Pipeline, there won't be any stagnation. Genius! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?