How Twitter Is Taking The #RepublicanTakeover

It happened, everybody. The Republican takeover is here — you know it, I know it, and the Internet knows it. This morning Twitter exploded the news that the GOP has taken control of Senate and maintained control of the House, which is surprising to exactly no one. As with most things Internet, the #RepublicanTakeover has taken on many forms, from the funny, to the jubilant, to the horrified.

Naturally, Republicans are looking at this opportunity as a new dawn, a time for Republicans to really do some work (read: operate basically in a veto deadlock). And Democrats are wondering how the they managed to let things get so out of control (read: partisan bickering). And some of you don't care either way. You chosen few are probably the safest of us all.

Even if you think the political system is collapsing all around you, there is one thing that is still firmly intact: your ability to anonymously rant on Twitter. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Apathetic, you are all welcome, one and all. Unlike politics, there is a place for everyone's Twitter grievances to live in (somewhat) happy harmony. So here are the people talking about the #RepublicanTakeover in all of their wonderful forms.

The Happy

Uhhhh, Waka?!

The Sad

The Funny

Because what's a trending hashtag without Donald Trump, amiright?