Die Antwoord's New Video Is Literally Everything

I've loved Die Antwoord ever since my cultural-savant bestie introduced them to me roughly 100 million years ago. By "introduce" I mean she told me to listen to them, not that she, like, invited them over to the dorm for Oreos and Smirnoff Ice, though that would have been preferable. Their new video for "Ugly Boy" is totally baller. It's baller enough that it's got me using baller as an adjective with no sense of irony. It's dark and scary while still maintaining a sense of play. Any music video that manages to use a lot of fake blood, those contacts that make your whole eye look black, AND a Jack Black cameo is a music video I can get behind. Speaking of cameos, this video is loaded with them: Marilyn Manson makes an appearance and so does his ex, Dita Von Teese. Cara Delavigne is there, as is Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What a gang. It's pretty excellent.

This is one of those videos that reminds me of how much I wanted to make music videos as a kid. In fact, it's a still a dream I harbor, and, from time to time, still actively pursue. My ideas aren't always stellar, but my heart is in the right place. I still think Bruno Mars made a mistake when he didn't simply wake up one morning and pick up the phone to get a hold of me, a perfect stranger, to share my concept for "Locked Out Of Heaven". It was brilliant and involved living paintings and the Louvre. I'll say no more. It pains me to speak of it now.

Image: Die Antwoord/YouTube