If You And Your Mom Grew Up Together...

If, instead of being mother and daughter, you and your mother had grown up together, would you be friends? That's the question that artist Danielle Delph asked herself, and it led to a photo project in which she photoshopped herself into old pictures with her mom. She calls it "If I Had Known My Mother Back Then," and the results are actually really cool.

“I think it’s one of those ideas that people have at any point in life,” she said to “You grow up and you say, ‘Oh, I wonder if my mom would have thought that was fun,’ or ‘What was she like when she was my age? What would she have done?’” In Delph's case, though, she took it a step further and decided to see what it would have looked like if she and her mother really had grown up together by putting them together in photographic form.

The pictures she created range from toddler age to the teenage years. And maybe I've just been watching too much Gilmore Girls lately, but the whole thing just seems really incredibly sweet. Mother daughter relationships, after all, aren't always easy, but they are some of the most intense and emotionally meaningful relationships out there. And there's something really cool about the idea of bending the space time continuum in order to give the two of you a shot at being friends, not just mother and daughter. It certainly is a big "What If" to ponder.

And the results look really great.

Here Danielle, the artist, is the one coloring, while her mother Janis sits beside her.

Danielle on the right, Janis on the left.

Danielle is on the left, her mother on the right, both of them apparently dressed up for school dances.

In this photo Danielle, on the left, is wearing a charm bracelet that originally belonged to her mother at around the age she would have been in the photo. Talking about bending the space time continuum.

For more photos, including one of mother and daughter unphotoshopped, you can check out Delph's website.

Images Courtesy of Danielle Delph