'Parenthood' Supercut of Braverman Dance Parties Proves the Show Is Actually Happy Sometimes — VIDEO

As the final season of Parenthood goes full steam ahead into a certain character's death, with a side of financial instability and divorce, it can leave fans wondering if this show was ever happy. Well it was, and still is, at times. Thanks to TV Guide we have a Parenthood supercut of all the best (and worst) dance moves the Bravermans have pulled out when Adam and company just couldn't shake "The Fever."

It's a delightful minute-long reminder that you didn't sign up for a completely depressing show. There are moments of hilarity, really! Especially when Craig T. Nelson's character Zeek dances, because it looks like his body is in a fight with his brain — but in a really sweet way.

But the bonus is that Braverman dance parties aren't just for drunken nights or celebratory dinners. Even when bad news is on the table there's time for dancing, like the time Adam busts some moves to cheer up Julia after Joel moves out. As things get progressively sadder this season, maybe we can hope for some more of Peter Krause's adorkable moves. Watching him come down with "The Fever" and dance like a crazy person can comfort his family and the viewers.

Check out the video so you can prove to yourself that you're not a total masochist for watching the NBC show. Parenthood is actually happy sometimes.

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Image: NBC