Amy Poehler Can Rap Too, So Yes, She's Officially Good At Everything — VIDEO

Remember how stunned you were when Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter himself, traded in his wand for a microphone on The Tonight Show earlier this month and absolutely tore up that Blackalicious song, "Alphabet Aerobics"? Well, prepare to feel that stunned feeling again, only times ten: Turns out, DanRad isn't the only celebrity who's hiding a super-secret talent for freestyling. As demonstrated by this supercut of her appearances on the podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, Amy Poehler is also a skilled rapper, with the ability to not only hold flow, but also to come up with brilliant lyrics on the spot. Like such:

They teach me things like arithmetic and how to make bacon in the sink!

And, of course:

Dogs are b*tches, female dogs are b*tches, I’m not saying something bad, female dogs are b*tches. I got my riches. You’d better take it and buy me some more cars so I can break the sound barrier!

Now, my only question is...why haven't Amy Poehler and Tina Fey collaborated on a single yet? We already know Fey has experience with it thanks to her guest verse on Donald Glover's, aka Childish Gambino's, song "Real Estate" from 2012. I mean, she was pretty epic.

You can check out the supercut of Poehler's rapping talents below. And, you know, if anyone wants to start up a campaign to get Poehler and Fey to collaborate on a single, I would absolutely back that.

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