Who's That Actress Dancing At Weddings In The Southwest Airlines Ad? Hint: You've Seen Her On MTV

There is something truly special about a wedding guest who can and will dance to any and every song the DJ throws on the 1s and 2s. And not just dance, but conquer each square of the portable laminate "wood" floor like a chess savant. In a TV spot for Southwest Airlines, a woman busts every last move at not one, not two, not three, but FOUR wedding receptions. The guests (and I) watch in awe. She is a true dance floor chess master. The dancer in that Southwest Airlines advertisement is Alice Wetterlund, a stand-up comic, actress, and writer.

Where have you seen her before? Two letters: T. V. In addition to the Southwest Airlines dance-a-thon, Wetterlund’s TV ad credits include Scotch Brite and BMW. Oh, and uh duh, she’s one of the hilarious stars of MTV series Girl Code. She also appeared in Dave Skylark's Very Special VMA Special, a faux-interview segment that worked to promote the awards show and the to-be-released assassination plot comedy The Interview. And yes, we can look forward to seeing her in that movie, too.

The voice at the end of the ad doesn't belong to Wetterlund, but it sounds super familiar, right? Your ears do not deceive you: It's totes Rashida Jones!

Cannot get enough of that heel swivel move.

Image: Southwest Airlines