China Glaze Releases 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Collection For A Polish + Movie Tie-In That Actually Makes Sense

You know we've reached the saturation point of a cultural obsession when the nail polish line hits shelves (anyone remember the Hunger Games district-themed collection or the Glee nail line?). Nail lacquer and entertainment-franchise tie-ins are really nothing new and, frankly, tend to earn themselves an eye-roll from me if they're absurd as the OPI + Modern Family collection. But the latest movie-inspired polish collection actually kind of makes sense. The popular brand China Glaze has a Fifty Shades of Grey nail polish collection and even I, who wanted the world to kindly STFU already about the book long ago, have to admit that it's pretty cool. Since, ya know, grey is actually a color...

The China Glaze Fifty Shades line isn't exactly new per se. It's actually a collection of previously released polishes that were pulled from their core range, that already tote steamy names and Anastasia-inspired hues. There're 18 sexy shades in total, including Liquid Leather (reminiscent of some of the, um, toys featured in the book) and Bahamian Escape (representing Anastasia's baby blue eyes). While there's not exactly fifty of them, the line still features tons of shades of grey of course, including slate and silver hues. Need I mention how perfect they are for fall?

Images: Getty Images, InStyle/Twitter