Christmas Commercial's Penguin Love Will Make Your Heart Sing — VIDEO

Yes, it is still weeks until Thanksgiving. Yes, that means it's still over a month and a half until Christmas. But Halloween's over now, and that means one thing: We are officially in Christmas season — if not in your heart, than in everything around you. This new Christmas ad involving a boy and his penguin, though, might just get you in the spirit. Warning: Dangerous to watch while ovulating. I learned this the hard way. You will cry.

The ad comes courtesy of British department store John Lewis, who don't even have Thanksgiving to worry about in the long march to Christmas. This gives them plenty of room to play your heartstrings gently like an old, ravaged guitar — which is exactly what they do here, as we follow a boy's relationship with his pet penguin.

I will not reveal too much about that relationship; watch for yourself and let it all unfold before you. Watch til the end. Then cry. Cry a lot. It's OK: It's what this thing is built for. Think of it as an exercise: There is going to be plenty more tear-jerky commercials like this in the coming weeks, and we must ease them in.

John Lewis on YouTube

Image: John Lewis/Youtube