Watch Matthew McConaughey Smash Jimmy Fallon's Face on 'The Tonight Show' – VIDEO

The McConaissance shows no signs of slowing down. Ahead of the release of Interstellar this weekend, Matthew McConaughey played Facebreakers on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, a.k.a. smashing glass pictures of each other with footballs. It was as hilarious as it sounds, and though McConaughey may seem like the bigger sportsman of the two, that doesn't mean he was the automatic shoo-in to win. There was a heated battle of spiraling footballs, including one of them trying to intercept and using a "ca-caw" bird call as a distraction. Actually, this video has a lot of weird sounds throughout. You can probably guess who made most of them.

The last time that McConaughey stopped by The Tonight Show, he chugged beer and played flip cup with Fallon and Gisele Bundchen, so the bar was set pretty high for this visit. I won't reveal if he wins or loses Facebreakers, but I will say that no victory dance will beat the spinning hoedown he did with Steve Higgins last time around. Sure, that could have been the alcohol talking, but let's be real — McConaughey can probably handle more than a few sips of beer.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Image: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC