Andy Dick Arrested For Grand Theft & This Story Does Not Sound Good — REPORT

Well, here's some news that I'm sure no one expected to hear today — like, at all. In the latest “celebrities stealing things” news, Us Weekly is reporting that comedian and actor Andy Dick was arrested for grand theft on Friday. And the alleged incident behind the arrest? Calling it "crazy" is an understatement.

This wasn’t a Winona Ryder or Stephanie Pratt move, stealing clothes and such from a high-end department store. Instead, Dick was said to be riding his bike on Hollywood Boulevard, when he allegedly stopped a man to ask if he could see his necklace. Of course, because Dick is a famous person (and for some reason we always put our faith in the famous) the man handed over the $1,000 piece of jewelry to the actor — only to watch Dick then reportedly take off on his merry way.

Really? If this is true, how did Dick possibly think he would get away with this, being — you know — Andy Dick? I’m not sure if he just hoped to pull the, “Do you know who I am?” card, but it’s truly just ridiculous.

Anyway, the unnamed man reported his necklace, and police reportedly found Dick near his Hollywood apartment, where they arrested him. He’s currently in jail on $25,000 bail, and has reportedly made no comment about the incident.