Which Gift Should You Ask for This Christmas? This Flowchart Will Help You Decide

Hey, you! The person bogged down in shopping bags for other people. The person hoarding gift wrap and glittery ribbon. Yea, we know there are a ton of people you need to treat this holiday season — but it's just as important that you set aside some time (and money and gift ideas) for yourself.

The holidays are exhausting, and, let's be honest, everyone in your office and extended family is going to get you some kind of fancy candle or a couple of berry-scented lotions (womp). If you’re hoping to unwrap the perfect gift this holiday, you just might have to spring for it yourself — or drop some really good hints. Figure out what you should ask for with this handy-dandy flowchart.

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Written by Ashley Mateo

Flowchart design by Caroline Wurtzel

Image: Syda Productions/Fotolia