#MeninistTwitter Hilariously Shows People Who Really Do (And Don't) Understand Sexism – PHOTOS

No matter how you look at the trending Twitter hashtag #MeninistTwitter, it's funny. The hashtag is mainly concerned with taking feminist complains and dressing them up to show the man's (equally painful) side of the story. Having travelled through the hashtag's many users, it seems that Meninist Twitter is split into two camps: those who are using it as very funny satire, and those who are using it to make serious, but also very funny non-points about "misandry" (because who here can actually name one time a straight man was marginalized based on their gender because of an institutional prejudice?). It addresses the shameful inequities that befall men at the hands of women and again, the satirical Tweets are just as hilarious as the ones by people taking the hashtag seriously. It's the perfect to chance to laugh at the men who still don't get that "reverse sexism" does not and cannot exist, while also laughing with the men and women who do get that.

Some of the "serious" Tweets involve memes calling Tiger Woods a survivor of domestic violence, highlighing that society has more unrealistic standards for men than women (for women it's just "don't be fat") and that dirty feminists have so many double standards between the way they want men to treat women and the way women are allowed to treat men (the case in point being Rita Ora ripping off Zac Efron's shirt in a completely STAGED moment at an awards show). Here are some of the hilarious "serious" #MeninistTwitter:

And then there are the glorious men who understand the perfect satire of the hashtag, and have shown some true comedic talent:


Photo: Getty Images