Harry Styles’ Look-Alike Should Really Find a Way to Monetize This — PHOTOS

Ever heard of Jerome Jarre? No? Well, to some, he is known as one of the best Vine stars around, and he probably should win an award for finding One Direction singer Harry Styles' long-lost brother. Seriously, this might be the creepiest and uncanniest resemblance to the singer known for dating Taylor Swift — oh, right, he's also recognized for his singing abilities. Over the weekend, Jarre attended MTV's Europe Music Awards (EMAs), where he took some fantastic videos and photos, including one of what looks to be like Harry Styles. It's not, but it's scary how much this random dude looks like the singer.

The look-alike (his real name is Richard Dickson) is taking over social media and is showing his love to others for their tweets about him making the news. Were Dickson and Styles separated at birth? Are they long-lost twins who are finally reunited thanks to Jarre? Also, how did he not get attacked by the crowd? You really have to do a quadruple take to notice that this isn't the real Styles. Whatever the case, he sure is getting his 15 minutes of fame.

The real Styles has yet to comment on the resemblance, but I wonder if he's creeped out by the likeness? He should be.