'Broad City' Season 2 Trailer Channels 'Pretty Woman' & Teases Seth Rogen As Guest Star

Bless the television gods, for Broad City will return to us in a few short months. Is that still too long? Most definitely. But this trailer for Broad City Season 2 might just prove it's worth the wait. Abbi and Ilana are just as bawdy and hilarious as ever, is what this trailer is saying, and they will come back into our lives in just three short months.

Life seems to be going just as bumpily as ever for our leading ladies — by which I mean they're still having truly epic amounts of fun and towing the line between realistic twentysomething city life and the fantastical. We start with a recreation of Pretty Woman's famous boutique scene and end with Abbi and Seth Rogen yelling at a kitten; in between it's everything messy and glorious that made us fall in love with this show in the first place. As Ilana whispers, "OMG get ready bitch." Some pubis blow-drying and some bong hits make their way into the space, as well. My body is ready for this season to have its way with me.

In related news, I'm really gonna need to take custody of the Naked Man blanket they're rocking in this shot from the trailer:

Images: Comedy Central