Taylor Swift and J. Lo Sitting in a Tree ...

A couple weeks ago Jennifer Lopez busted in on a Taylor Swift RED Tour concert at the LA Staples Center and the two performed a duet of Lopez's seminal classic "Jenny on the Block." Today it was announced that the performance will not be a one-off thing, and that the two pop divas will be collaborating on a new song.

In the video of the Staples performance (which you can see below), Swift introduces Lopez to the screaming crowd with an anecdote about how "Jenny From the Block" was one of the songs she'd sing over and over again into a hairbrush when she was little. After the show the two singers tweeted many a friendly congratulations/thanks/general merriment to each other.

From all the general public good will passing between the two right now, it's no wonder that it was followed up with an announcement that they'd be working together on something.

The song will reportedly be on Lopez's upcoming album, which will be out next year. It will be her eighth studio album.

Start taking bets about the song's hypothetical future topic. Will it be about love, a la much of Swift's music? Or will it be all about how much these two reportedly love each other?