'American Psycho': Book, Movie, & Now a TV Show

Calling all Patrick Bateman fans — FX is developing an American Psycho sequel series to the 2000 movie based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel. A spin-off of a spin-off of a novel. Strange source material for a TV series, especially when the series is based on a movie that has weirdly become a cult hit.

For those who don't know (but how could you not), American Psycho tells the story of Patrick Bateman, an ultra-wealthy investment banker living the lavish New York lifestyle in 1980s. You know, suspenders, fine chardonnays, cocaine, and upscale, exclusive restaurant openings. He enjoys the finer things in life. And, bonus! He's also a serial killer with a penchant for brutally murdering women! If you can believe it, the Ellis novel is actually way harder to stomach than the film, which has great dark comedy to it.

Which makes me skeptical for the spin-off series. The show, still in very early stages of development, will be written by Stefan Jaworski and co-produced by Lionsgate and FX. Lionsgate also produced the 2000 film version. It will not be set in the '80s but rather in present day — the tagline goes:

"In the new drama series, iconic serial killer Patrick Bateman, now in his mid-50’s but as outrageous and lethal as ever, takes on a protégé in a sadistic social experiment who will become every bit his equal — a next generation American Psycho."

Do you think Bateman and his first mate will Instagram his victims? Just kidding, that's too dark a joke even for me to make.

Just, HOW does FX plan on replacing Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman? He IS Patrick Bateman, for all intents and purposes. The only other casting that would be appropriate would be Lord Scott Disick, who could use his cane since Bateman will be in his mid-50s now. I'm skeptical — if they get Bateman wrong, they get it all wrong. It has to be someone who is sleek, handsome, but slightly sinister. (a.k.a. Christian Bale). FX does have a handful of great series, though — Justified, American Horror Story, Archer ... so we know they can pick their programming.

Surprising, however, is how late their bid to the killing game came. Serial killer shows are all the rage right now — Dexter, the most popular of them all, is in its final season. There's also The Killing, Bates Motel, Hannibal, and The Following. So what is this revved up, 21st century version of American Psycho gonna offer that hasn't already been offered? The idea is moderately cool — Bateman taking on a mentee. Hopefully when he meets him, he hands him a business card that even has a watermark. I hope American Psycho gets greenlit as a series, just to fulfill my own morbid curiosity.

[Image via Deviant Art]