Adam Sandler Movie 'The Cobbler' Gets First Trailer With Cool Concept, But ... — VIDEO

There seem to be two main modes for Adam Sandler roles: Serious Adam Sandler and Comedy Adam Sandler. So what's The Cobbler , the latest Sandler movie that now has its first trailer? It seems to be a mixture. But the question is, will that mixture result in an Sandler movie better than his recent comedies — or worse than his recent dramas?

The Cobbler is clearly meant to be a comedy that pulls at the dramatic heartstrings — and it's one that actually has a pretty interesting premise. It follows Sandler as a shoe repairman who discovers he can take the physical form of whoever's shoes he's wearing. That has the makings of the bawdy slapstick Sandler's known for, surely, but it also wants you to know that he's going to be using his powers for good. He will not sleep with the hot woman by taking the form of a girlfriend, this trailer wants you to know, and he will pretend to be his dead dad so that his mom can have one last conversation with him.

Will this be a good Sandler movie? I am unconvinced, weighed down by... well, the past zillion Sandler movies. It hasn't been garnering good reviews, it should be noted. But this trailer doesn't have me railing against it like I assumed it was going to, so... that might be something? Maybe?

Image: Voltage Pictures