She'll be 'Sleeping With Other People'

That headline just wrote itself. Anyway, according to Variety, Kirsten Dunst has signed on to the romantic comedy Sleeping With Other People , in which she'll star alongside former SNL funnyman Jason Sudeikis. Such an adorable pairing, I'm aww-ing already. Aww.

The deal was reportedly announced at the Toronto International Film Festival, which is an event going on right now that both you and I are not currently hanging out at. Sleeping With Other People was penned by Bachelorette director/writer Leslye Headland (who previously worked with Dunst on that very movie, of course) and follows Sudeikis as a "good natured womanizer" who befriends Dunst, a "remorseful serial cheater."

As you can see, this is already total rom-com material, so it's likely these two will stop "sleeping with other people" by the end of this movie and start sleeping with each other, while little hearts float around in their eyes and stuff. Awww.

Also worth noting: The film is being produced by Gary Sanchez Productions, which is owned by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay — they too produced Bachelorette, which was overall a comedic and commercial success. So, this movie might actually be one to watch, if the people involved are any indication.