What's The Song In That Zales Ad With The Balloon Proposal? Found It!

There is an ad currently roaming around the televised commercial universe that causes my anxiety to flare up every time it rears its head on my TV set. And that ad is that Zales balloons ad. And it’s all the balloons’ fault. Yes, the rest of the ad is very pretty, very romantic, makes me wish I lived somewhere snowy, et cetera. Oh and the music! I can’t forget about that gorgeous music! “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron plays in the Zales balloons ad, and it always soothes my balloon-related anxiety.

But my god. Those balloons. Every time I see that well-intentioned guy yank that enormous bouquet of latex orbs through those subway car doors, I think, Ugh, one of those could explode at any second. And it would be so loud. And so startling. My heart would burst out of my chest. Sudden loud noises are the bane of my existence. I would be on edge if I was sitting in that subway train, staring down that bouquet of potential doom.

"It's just an ad, Rohwedder," you say. "Cripes. Chill out, would ya?"

OK, OK. I'll chill. I know what’ll do the trick! Like I said, this beeeeeeautiful tune, which you can find on the indie folk band’s 2012 album Lonesome Dream, is so calming:

Skipper Radio on YouTube

And here is the ad. Watch if you dare:


Image: Zales/YouTube