You Will Definitely Yawn While Watching This Video

Why is watching someone yawn so hypnotic? Is it because all of us slightly look like ogers when we do it? But in a really cute way? Like really cute, baby ogers? Is it because yawns remind us how much we love sleeping and so we’re just innately drawn to them? I don’t really understand the psychology of yawning or why we even really need to (something about oxygen levels, right?), but I do know one thing: they’re really fun to watch, and they're also really satisfying to do. In this short clip titled “Yawns”, you get to experience almost every kind of yawn humanly (or non-humanly possible).

In this video, we see newborn babies rubbing their faces, babies just about ready for bedtime, bored toddlers eating dinner, kids not feeling swim practice, teenagers tuning out while doing their homework, grown-ups yawning probably because life is continuously exhausting, and animals yawning because I’m guessing the wild can either be super, super exciting, or really, really boring. Also, if you’ve never seen a baby sloth yawn, prepare for you life to be forever changed.

Behold, the ultimate collection of yawns, the universal symbol for “ugh, I really just want to nap right now”: