'The Mindy Project' Cast Has So Much Fun Together

If you need more reason to get excited for the next season of The Mindy Project — that is, more reason than the fact that Fox already released the season two premiere of the series a week early — then perhaps a fun little stop-motion video featuring the cast taking faux-Manhattan will do it for you. Posted on TVLine (and unembeddable so you're gonna have to head over there to watch it), the video features the new season two cast, plus Mindy, basically dancing around the Universal Studios Hollywood's backlot version of NYC while the infamous studio tour buses drive by in the background.

There isn't really much to the video — it's silly and fun, but, of course, it gives us no clues as to what to expect in the second season, other than Mindy might be skipping around the streets of fake-NYC with balloons or something. I don't know. It's cute, don't ask so many questions.

Also, along with the video, Fox released the new season two key art — considering the cast underwent so many changes this year (the loss of Anna Camp and Amanda Setton, to be specific), new promotional art was necessary. And, sure enough, the new promo is as quirky as you'd expect it to be:

You can head on over to TVLine to check out the cast promo video in full.

[Image via Fox]