Making Homemade Donuts Is Easier Than You Think

There has been so much chaos in the dessert world in the past few years. The bakery chain Crumbs unexpectedly closed and eventually reopened its doors; Someone had the audacity to create a ramen donut hybrid; THERE IS AN ANTICIPATED WORLDWIDE CHOCOLATE SHORTAGE. In a time where nothing is sacred or safe, we have no defense stronger than learning to create our own homemade donuts, so that we will be prepared the next time we see a dessert apocalypse just beyond the horizon. Fellow carbaholics, sugar fiends, and restaurant plate-lickers, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to learn basic survival skills like this before it's too late.

Fortunately, making donuts is a lot easier than we could have ever anticipated. I mean, I spent the first viewing of this video basically blacked out because of the beauty of raw donut dough, but once I collected all the spit that had leaked out of my mouth and started paying attention, it looked totally doable. You don't even need one of those fancy donut pans Williams-Sonoma sells for the price of a small car. The recipe and how-to video is done by Stephen Collucci, a pastry chef who shows you how you can make donuts with stuff you already have in your house, including old wine bottles (so if you don't already have an old wine bottle, consider this is an invitation to pop open a new one and drain it as quickly as possible).

He even shows you just how easily you can fry them by boiling your own oil, which is a baking process that has always weirdly intimidated me even as a fairly experienced baker. I'm going to warn everyone thinking about watching this demonstration, though, that it is pure unadulterated food porn. Brace yourselves:

Image: YouTube